In God we trust - In Donald we do not

20 januari 2017

Bijdrage van: Aad

Today, Donald Trump is going to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and the NRA is feeling more emboldened than ever before to push their extremist, guns-everywhere agenda. Today, we're sending a message to gun extremists and the lawmakers who do their bidding: We are not going anywhere. We'll be blocking the NRA's extremist agenda at every turn and continuing our fight for an America free from gun violence.

But here's the reality: We're now facing an uphill battle, one we can't fight without the support of people like you. It's going to take millions of us -- everyday Americans who refuse to accept that kids getting shot at school or at the movies is simply the new normal -- stepping up and speaking out. The NRA spent more money to elect Trump than any other outside group -- and they're going to expect a return on their investment. Their top priority? An extremely dangerous bill that would force all 50 states to allow violent criminals to carry hidden, loaded guns on our streets.

And in case you forgot, here's a quick refresher of the promises President Trump has made to his friends over at the NRA: He's pledged to force guns into schools, and he's promised to "unsign" President Obama's executive actions cracking down on illegal gun trafficking.

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