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08 oktober 2017

Bijdrage van: Aad

‘I shall say this only once’, a famous phrase from the series ‘Allo, allo’ said by Michelle Dubois of the Resistance. In this case I will say this only once to the NRA (National Retard Association) and Donald Trump, Fool in Chief of the United States of America. Presumably they think that ‘bump stocks’ is something like ‘bumper stickers’ and they mutualy agreed that those should be banned. Indeed, stickers on cars with mottos like ‘NRA sucks’ and ‘Trump is an idiot’ are degrading and annoying for them.

The LA-Times wrote: ‘After the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, there are still few answers. Authorities revealed more details of the gunman’s action leading up to Sunday. Republicans and the National Rifle Association that ‘they will consider limits on ‘bump stocks’, the devices used by the killer to turn assault rifles into virtual machine guns. But mostly we’re left with the stories of those who lost those closest to them — including the story of two buddies of Alaska, one of whom talked his friend into going to the concert, only to die in his arms.’

What annoys me is that after years of these killings of thousands of innocent people and children, it is still legal to buy assault weapons by any American idiot. Las Vegas was again the proof that Trump and the Republican party will never learn their lessons and think that freedom lies in freedom of arm possession. No, freedom lies in taking your responsibility and impose strict legilation for the ownership of deadly weapons. It seems ages ago that Obama was president and although he could not change things either, it was a relief to hear this man talk. The present president throws kitchen towels during a gathering in Puerto Rica , thinks he is awful smart, but he is just a plain idiot. Buy the bumper sticker!


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