17 maart 2018

Bijdrage van: Aad

Snowdrops are falling on my headů The song used to have a different text: raindrops instead of snowdrops. My faithful dog Charlie sees it all in amazement and after a quick pee in the bushes he runs back into the warm house. Nevertheless the garden looks like a fairy-tale and the colourful white and red heather forms a nice contrast with the snow. In our cosy kitchen our gnome makes a selfie with the little chef who does the everyday cooking. I took him along from Avare in Brazil and this remarkable fellow felt himself home in Zeeland as from day one.

The snow at our row of Amsterdam Canal houses reaches almost to the first floor and restricts the movement of their owners. Expensive housing but no service from the city for cleaning the streets and make it snow free. Life is better in Zeeland and certainly more quiet with ample (free) parking space.

Anyhow we expect this is the last snow fall this winter and our kitchen penguin is preparing an excellent dinner right this moment.

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